Reports & Papers

Community Approach to Family Planning in Urban Slums

Pakistan’s contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) .. read more

COVID 19 Vaccination Uptake (Nov 2022 BMC Public Health)

Urban slums are home to a significant number .. read more

Community Engagement for vaccination Quasi experimental

Developing countries have been facing difficulties .. read more

Policy Brief 52 - DH FP one year after intervention (6-5-2021)

Pakistan’s CPR (34%, DHS 2017-18). remains stagnant .. read more

Poverty Alleviation Policy Papers Series Monograph No.1

Poverty alleviation .. read more

Rural-Urban Linkages And Dialogue Series 1st Dialogue on Livelihood and Skills Development

This working paper was commissioned by the.. read more

A Low-Cost High-Coverage Urban Outreach Family Planning Program Research and Development Solutions

Pakistan’s CPR (34%, DHS 2017-18). remains stagnant.. read more